Why Solar Energy!!

  • Fed up with constant Power cuts and government-enforced "power holidays" Industries have turned to the sun to power their electrical energy needs.
  • Factories and businesses have installed over 30MW of rooftop solar panels in the last year,data compiled by New Delhi-based consultancy Bridge to India shows. That is a small amount compared with India's solar capacity of 2,700MW, but demand may accelerate under Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has made renewable energy a priority.
  • Bridge to India forecasts compound annual growth will hit more than 60 per cent in the next five years, as falling panel prices make installations more alluring.
  • In a sign that even big business is warming up to alternative energy sources, India's second-largest IT exporter Infosys Ltd is building a 50MW solar plant in Karnataka to meet 30 per cent of the company's power needs.
  • Bridge To India estimates that commercial rooftop and smaller utility plants have the potential to provide up to 83,000MW of solar energy, more than half of India's potential solar capacity out to 2024.
  • With the new government coming in, a clear intent to further increase allocation of solar in the energy mix.
  • The new government is hoping to ramp up renewable energy, and wean the country off of a dependence on coal and oil.