Why MileStone!!

Customized Design

Milestone Solarcom provides customized solar power solutions that are optimally engineered, keeping in mind your actual daytime and night time usage (load profile) resulting in a suitably sized system that maximizes power generation using MPPT, while at the same time minimizing losses. Thus the outcome is a solar power solution that not only saves you money but also maximizes your return on investment.

Comprehensive on-site Analysis

Milestone Solarcom's engineers always conduct an comprehensive on site survey before commencing any project,be it for reducing their power bills and having access to a reliable power supply or to reduce their carbon foot print. From conducting a thorough sun path analysis ensuring optimal solar panel positioning and inclination,to conducting shadow analysis and cascading analysis to ensure maximal incident solar irradiation, thus assuring you of fully harnessing the sun's energy for generating power.


Post the on-site analysis custom structures are fabricated as per requirement. The said structures are sturdy and capable of withstanding wind speeds of even 150km/hr. Solar modules are then fixed to the structure without compromising safety or power generation in the least. Our installations always follow the stipulated time schedules without the slightest compromise in quality and safety standards,not to mention aesthetics.

Quality promise

Milestone Solarcom takes utmost pride in its rigorous quality standards. We provide you with the best in terms of quality and performance.From modules and inverters to the batteries and cables, we use the most premium brands that share our concern for quality.

Value for Money/Customer Satisfaction

Milestone Solarcom's solutions are part by part value for money.We bring you the best in terms of quality, efficiency, optimization and engineering. With extended warranties of components and a dedicated support system to save your worry, we at Milestone Solarcom go the extra mile to put a smile on your face which means everything to us at the end of the day.

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