Solar Water Heating!!

Not only can the power of the sun be used to generate electricity; but it can also be used to generate heat energy. A solar water heating system is basically a device that absorbs incoming solar radiation,converting it into heat energy which is used to heat up water. A conventional water heater achieves the same purpose but consumes an enormous amount of power in the process.

Milestone solarcom provides you with various types of solar water heating systems such as ETC(Evacuated tube collectors) or FPC(Flat plate collectors) which ever is optimal,as per your requirements.

Solar water heating systems have rated capacities of the amount of water they heat on a daily basis known as LPD(Litres per day).

We provide you with solar water heating systems of varying capacities,from 100 to 1000 LPD or even greater if required.

There are two types of solar water heating systems:

Stationary/Non-Concentrating Solar Water heating systems

The water heating systems which do not use reflecting surfaces to focus solar radiation are known as stationary solar water heating systems.

These are the water heating systems you are most likely to find in use.

Based on the manner in which the solar radiation is collected there are two types of water heating systems.They are

Evacuated Tube Collectors(ETC)

These solar water heating systems use evacuated vaccuum tubes made of Borosilicate to minimize heat loss and to trap maximum heat energy for increasing the water temperature.

Flat plate Collectors(FPC)

In these solar water heating systems flat plate collectors of high absorptivity are used to effectively collectors heat and transfer it to the water to be heated increasing its temperature.