Solar Street Lighting!!

Our Solar street lighting solution is a combination of Long lasting energy efficient LEDs(Light emmitting diodes) powered by a clean and renewable energy source such as the sun. Solar street lighting is a blessing for places which have no acces to grid power or even if they do it's erratic. Solar panels generate electrical power which charges the battery adequately and reduces dependence on the grid and thus solar street lighting proves to be a cost effective and an economic solution in the long run. We at Milestone solarcom strive to provide you with Off Grid Street Lights coupled with our MPPT Charge controllers that facilitate efficient and maximum energy harvesting and push maximum energy into batteries. The energy from the battery is used to power the LEDs during night time,cloudy days or when the illumination levels are low. With a very low maintenance cost and high reliability solar street lightings have found several applications, be it street lighting, railways, farms, parks and much more.