Residential Solar!!

Bring home the Sun and start saving today!!

Investing in a residential solar power system for your home gives you freedom from steep power bills and constant power cuts.Be it your lighting loads, personal computer, refrigerator, washing machine, television or air-conditioning, energy plays a vital role in our everyday life. MILESTONE SOLARCOM brings to you an advanced RESI-POWER HYBRID residential system designed for high yields at economic costs, offering better value for money. Convert your rooftop in to a power roof that lets you produce your own electricity. These HYBRID energy systems not only produce sufficient electricity for the homeowner, but also allows for extra energy generated to be exported to the main grid for availing net metering benefits.


  • Long term savings on power costs.
  • Reliable supply of electricity that insulates you from power failures.
  • High quality power delivered at constant frequency and voltage that protects your expensive gadgets and appliances.
  • Can be upgraded in the future with minimum modifications to increase power capacity.
  • Saves precious energy .
  • Eco friendly.
  • Low maintenance and high durability.
  • Adds value and premium to the property in the market.
  • Round the clock service support.


MILESTONE SOLARCOM brings to you a wide range of solar power solutions custom engineered to meet your power needs 24/7, 365 days a year. Engineered with components of International repute, using advanced PV design software, our plants are made to meet your specific load profiles factoring in, sun path, seasonal climatic variations and backup requirements ensuring a dependable and stable power generation system. Starting with basic RESI-POWER packages that power lights, fans, a more sophisticated configuration that can power inductive loads such as refrigerators, washing machines, mixers and microwaves, an advanced configuration that can power air conditioners and right up to a complete RESI-GRIDFREE package that can meet complete power requirements of a residence, MILESTONE SOLARCOM offers solutions to meet varying requirements and budgets while delivering systems that offer complete peace of mind.

BRINGING HOME A RESI-POWER Key things to work on to get the right system

  • Area–identify a shade free area on your rooftop that is either flat or preferably inclined at about 10-18 degrees to the south. Area required for Photovoltaic modules is 100 sq. ft. per one Kilowatt of PV modules.
  • Audit your energy consumption – have a thorough check done at home to identify any leaks in your electric connections. Upgrading to 5 star appliances and energy efficient fixtures lowers your energy requirement and helps in optimizing the size of the solar plant.
  • Energy requirement – One KW of good quality PV modules deliver around an annual average of 4KWH (units) of energy per day. Power generated increases from JAN to MAY, drops from JUNE TO AUG, Recovers and maintains a medium range from SEPT to DEC with the exception of NOV where a slight drop in power may be expected. Always give the right feedback to the PV engineer – work on the maximum load that could be used rather than the barest minimum to get a failure proof system.
  • Identify a well ventilated and climate protected cabin/room not more than 10 metres in distance from the proposed PV module installation location to house the PCU/INVERTER and Battery bank. Electronic equipment and batteries tend to last longer in protected environments than when exposed.
  • Provide a concealed conduit for the system technicians to run solar cables from the rooftop to the control room/inverter room,
  • Never connect the solar PV system to the general DB unless when planning for a sufficiently large plant. Always isolate loads that are required to be powered by solar energy.
  • Undertake regular cleaning of PV modules to ensure optimum performance over a longer period. Keep the battery bank and inverter clean, dust free and protected from moisture/humidity to obtain a longer life.