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    Residential Solar Power Systems
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Welcome to Milestone Solarcom!!

Milestone solarcom - By the sun and its splendor.

You being here means that you are now one step closer to adopting clean and renewable energy!! Did you know that the sunlight that is incident on the earth's surface for just one hour can fulfill the earth's energy needs for a year? The best things in life are free and so is solar energy. Its time to start harnessing the limitless potential of the sun. Call us today for a free, comprehensive on site evaluation. We have a wide range of products and services such as solar power systems, solar water heating and solar street lighting and much more to choose from. We are here to provide you with renewable and sustainable solar energy solutions that are custom designed with the best technology and are engineered to be cost effective along with a dedicated support service system. Say good bye to powercuts and steep powerbills. Go solar today with Milestone Solarcom and save money and the environment by reducing your carbon foot print. Contact us today for a greener tomorrow..

Our Products & Services!!

With a wide variety of products that are engineered to meet your specific needs, Milestone Solarcom is your one stop solar solutions provider.

 Solar power systems

Solar Power Systems

Bring home the Sun and start saving today!! Investing in solar power system gives you freedom from steep power bills and constant power cuts.

solar water heating systems

Solar Water Heating Systems

Not only can the power of the sun be used to generate electricity but it can also be used to generate heat energy.

solar water pumping

Solar Water Pumping

Milestone Solarcom provides solutions for solar water pumping as per your requirements. The energy generated by solar panels can also be used to power water pumps.

solar street lighting

Solar Street Lighting

Our Solar street lighting solution is a combination of Long Lasting energy efficient LEDs (Light emmitting diodes) powered by a clean and renewable energy source such as the sun.