Frequently Asked Questions!!

1. What is the weight of solar panels for a around 100 kgs for a 1kw plant?

Ans: One solar module weights about 20kgs. As 4 modules of 250wp each are generally used for a 1KW plant, you would be looking at a weight of 80 kgs per sq m for a 1 KW plant.

2. What is the space required for a 1 KW power plant?

Ans: It depends on the site layout and orientation. Generally a minimum of 90 to 100 sq ft is required. Can be used on south facing facades.

3. If there is no space on the roof what are the options? Can the panels be fixed on the walls or in front of the building instead of the glass facade?

Ans: Yes.BIPV(Building Integrated Photovoltaics) can be used, but the downside is lower effiency and high cost. We can fabricate customised structures to fix them to a large extent.

4.How much energy generation can I expect from a 1 KW Plant? Can it zero at any point during daytime?

Ans: The average power generation is 4 kwh per day which can go up to 5 kwh during Jan to May. For regualr modules in the market heavy rains can limit power generation but good quality modules retain 60 to 70% production capacity even during heavy rains or cloudy days. Power generation will never be zero as generation is net cumulative of total generation in a day and absence of sunlight for 24 hours never happens. We use the best quality modules to give you maximum power generation at all times.

5. What time does power generation start and what time does it end?

Ans: Our MPPT(Maximum power point tracking) based systems start generation by 6am and continue till 7pm depending on sunlight. 11 am to 3 pm are the peak generation hours.

6. Can I power high capacity loads such as ACs through solar?

Ans: Conventional ACs require huge starting current versus inverter ACs which do not require huge starting currents and consume 30% lesser power when compared to the most energy efficient(5-star) conventional ACs. The size of PV plant will increase if high capacity loads like ACs are to be run.

7. Are there any government Subsidies are curtailed and restricted to a few categories?

Ans: Yes quite a few, apart from 80% accelerated Income Tax depreciation benefit for commercial customers.

8. A general misconception is "Solar power is an expensive option considering that the initial cost is high. Will I really be saving any money"? Is this true?

Ans: Hours of powercuts are now a reality and energy is a critical need. With rising energy costs not to mention FSA (Fuel Surcharge Adjustment) Solar energy has a reasonable payback period not to mention goverment subsides and incentives which bring down the actual cost of the project resulting in an even faster payback.

Solar Water Heating Systems

1. Will a Solar WaterHeating system work during cloudy days?

Ans: Yes the Solar WaterHeating system will work during cloudy days but with reduced performance. Also back up electrical heater, which is optional for the customer can be provided to always ensure hot water supply.

2. Why we are taking hot water outlet from the top and providing cold water inlet at lower part of the tank?

Ans: The density of hot water is very low when compared to cold water it rises to the top portion of the tank while the cold water having higher density settles at the bottom. So we take hot water from top.

3. What is the minimum height difference between Bottom of Over Head Tank and top of Solar water heater in a normal system?

Ans: The minimum height difference between bottom of Over Head Tank and top of the Solar Water Heater tank is 3 ft, in a normal system.

4. How much money does a Solar Water Heating really save?Is it worth.

Ans: With a very low payback period and bigtime savings on power bills Solar water heaters are definitely value for money,not to mention the convenience of 24 hours hot water supply without the hassle of switching on electrical geysers and waiting for the water to heat up.

5. Can I get hot water during early morning when sun is not there?

Ans: Due to the high vacuum of the glass tubes or collectors and thick PUF insulation of the water tank, Hot water produced by the solar systems remains hot without signification drop in temperature for around 24 hrs. Thus water heated during the previous day is available for next day morning.

6. What is the expected life of Solar Water Heater?

Ans: ETC Solar Water Heaters can last for 15-20 years.

7. Can we use Solar Water Heater for kitchen purpose?

Ans: Inner tank of the Solar Water Heater is made up of 304 Grade which is a food grade material so the water from the Solar Water Heater can be used for kitchen purposes also.